Are you ready to get your hands on this FREE Printable Social Media Calendar Template 2021?

Do you struggle figuring out what to post on social media?

Do you open Instagram to “find inspiration,” then an hour later realize you’ve just been mindlessly scrolling?

Don’t feel guilty. We all do it sometime or another.

I know firsthand how hard it can be to think about what to post, much less actually keep up posting on a consistent schedule.


FREE Printable Social Media Calendar Template 2021

What is the FREE Printable Social Media Calendar Template 2021?

I personally have seen in my business how crucial posting to both native pages AND stories is. The combination is so important. But I’ve never been able to find a free printable social media calendar template that does BOTH of these things. So I created it myself!

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Should you use a paper or online social media content calendar?

This is a great question, but honestly, it’s totally up to you. It’s exactly the same question as your general calendar- do you love to use paper, in your hands? Or do you love the easy and easy-to-update qualities of an online calendar?

I suggest you use whatever you use for your personal planner / calendar for your social media calendar.

What is the best online social media calendar?

If you decide you’d prefer to schedule your content online, I can’t recommend Planoly enough. You upload the images in and add them to your content calendar. You even have the ability to use a placeholder if you haven’t taken your image yet. Since they’re an Instagram-approved partner, you can also directly post to Instagram (AND auto-schedule which is super nice).

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